High precision


from Ø 0,1 to Ø 32 mm




DIXI Cylindre is a swiss family owned company belonging to the DIXI group.

We are specialized in high precision micro-turning of complex parts from diameter 0.1 mm to 32 mm. We offer finished products, with heat-treatment, surface-treatment and special polishing operations provided by recognized external partners.

Through our ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified management system, we propose high quality products and we seek to offer total satisfaction to our customers by meeting their most demanding requirements.

We are building our future on strong and lasting partnerships with customers active in many sectors, such Watch Industry, Medical, Electronics and Industrial applications.




Since its creation in 1924, DIXI-Cylindre built on its expertise and its production means underwent continuous development (Cam-machines, and CNC last generation), for answering today to little complex parts fabrication and for some of them, with a sophistication almost invisible to the naked eye.

Our history is also those linked with our partners. Do we propose now to build yours ?











Based in Le Locle, Switzerland, in the heart of the Watch Valley, Dixi Cylindre serves the Watch Industry and the most famous brands from its foundation. High precision and aesthetics are primary parameters for this field. In particular, we produce micro-parts essential to the fonctioning of the watch :

  • Watch movements :
    – Blocs and stones
    – Tubes
    – Pins, tenons, eccentrics
    – Screws
    – Winding stems
  • Instrumentation
  • Dials and external parts


Thanks to our ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications, we are able to respond to requirements of our customers active in the medical field with complex technical components dedicated to implantable or non-implantable medical devices :

  • Neurosurgery medical devices

  • Equipments for cancer or diabetes treatment

  • Surgical or dental instruments

  • Ophtalmic instruments

  • Micro-valves

  • Insulin pumps

  • Implants or prostheses





Thanks to our know-how and very diversified machines park, we meet the requirements of multiple industrial applications by manufacturing medium and large volumes series up to several hundred thousand of technical, complex and high precision parts.

Applications :

  • Sensors

  • Gauges

  • Measuring devices

  • Electrical micromotors

  • Precision tools

  • Ball bearings

  • Assembly systems





The evolution of the electronics sector requires increasingly miniaturized and complex parts. Our historical know-how in the Watch Industry and our skills to meet the medical filed requirements allow us to meet the increasingly demanding needs of the electronics sector.

Applications :

  • Sensors

  • Security devices

  • Metrology equipments

  • Micro-connectors

  • Control systems







Our machinery consists of :

90 Cam peelers with regularly retrofitted cams (Ø0.3 – Ø20mm)
23 CNC turning machines (Ø0.1 to Ø32mm)
Our company is also able to deliver finished products (treated, assembled…) thanks to the know-how of our recognised partners.







Customer satisfaction and quality or our services are our priority.

Through our ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified management system, we offer high quality products that meet the most demanding requirements of our customers active in the medical field but also those of our customers active in the Watch Industry, Electronics and Industrial sectors.

Certificate SQS ISO 13485          Certificate SQS ISO 9001    


Certificate IQNET ISO 9001         Certificate  IQNET ISO 1348

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